WBAF Announces Winners of Logo Contest
Last spring, the WBAF asked students in Sheila Tetler’s art classes at WBHS to come up with a new logo for us. The contest had certain requirements to include elements of all the arts (visual art, music, and performance) along with the organization name and web address. We received close to a dozen entries and because the choice was not an easy one, it has taken until now to come up with a winning design.

The new logo is actually a combination of two entries by Danica Germain (who graduated last year) and Courtney Rider.
Both entries had attractive, colorful elements (our old logo is plain old black & blue) that we liked, so with a little Adobe photoshop editing, we merged them to create our new logo
As winners of the logo contest, Courtney will receive a $75 gift certificate to C.C. Lowell’s art supply store, and Danica will receive a $25 certificate. Congratulations, Courtney and Danica!