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Preserving Arts Education
In response to the loss of music and art in the schools, a group of parents, community members, teachers, and students have formed the West Boylston Arts Foundation (WBAF) to keep the arts an important part of our community. WBAF's initial goal is to sustain the West Boylston Public Schools' arts education program. Our second goal is to invigorate the district’s arts programs by providing children with field trips to museums and music and drama performances. In the future, WBAF may be able to provide after-school enrichment classes in the arts, as well as scholarships.
With our supporter's generosity  and with the cooperation of the West Boylston School District, WBAF has been able to finance the re-instatement of instrumental music programs for the elementary and middle schools, and provide some assistance in the middle school art program.  Although this has not restored the arts to the 2006-2007 levels, students are offered opportunities to continue music and some art education.


We must raise funds to continue to restore the arts programs in our schools. Through your generosity, the WBAF will be on its way to seeking out other funding opportunities through corporations, grants, fundraising, and foundations. Please join with us as we work to help preserve our public arts education for every student.


Please join us and help make a direct impact on the life of a child.
The West Boylston Arts Foundation (WBAF) has 501C3 non-profit status. 

All donations are tax deductible.  

                                                                                                           Please make your check payable to:
                                                                                                                            P.O. Box 132
                                                                                                                    West Boylston, MA 01583

Preserving Arts Education